America’s Hot Imports

By most standards, I am considered to be a literate, well-traveled and urban man. However, as of late, I am questioning my own credentials. It seems that I missed a few hot imports to our shining shores. A flock of young and attractive Aussie actresses, including the lovely Ms. Kane pictured above, have invaded Tinseltown. I was further shocked to learn that America imports electricity.


According to U.S. Government’s Energy Information Administration (, the US has been importing electricity since the 1960’s. So much for the idea of energy independence, if we are importing electricity. And in a pinch, that someone can flip a switch off putting us in the dark.

Electricity Imports from 1950 to today!

Staring at the naked truth of the net import data, you could have been knocked me over with a feather. I knew America was a net importer of energy for many years, but I am almost certain I heard the last administration touting energy independence. The devil is in the details for any assertions from our glorious leaders. I am not saying they obfuscate, I am saying they color the facts from their own box of crayons.

The US does have a net surplus of energy on a trade weighted basis. Not the same as energy independent. (See graphic below with copious explanation and notes from the EIA.GOV)

The US imports Aussie actresses and electricity. Good for us! I feel like I climbed out from under my rock and learned something new today.

After teasing my readers with the beautiful Australian import, I fanatically waded off into the abyss of our government’s propaganda machine. In retrospect, I should have kept my rose colored glasses fixed on the cute Aussie actress. Better use of my time.

Before I go, I have a small debt to pay. Since I shameless used the beautiful Adelaide Kane as the bait before I switched you, I feel I must pay homage to the actress. Please give Ms. Kane’s work on the series “Reign” a look. I am a fan.

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During my first six decades on this earth, I lived life at great heights often on the razor’s edge. Consequently, I have enjoyed incredible successes and endured mind-numbing failures. Truthfully, I have had a hell of a view.

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