Robert M. Watson – Co-Founder & Economic Analyst

“Knowledge is a commodity to be shared. For knowledge to pay dividends, it should not remain the monopoly of the selected few.” ― Moutasem Algharati

At Beyond the Hype, we understand that knowledge over generations is our commodity. It’s an experience that we share with you. From the seasoned professional to the novice, we learn every day. I’d like to think of myself as the observer. One who tries to understand the world around him, the history of the markets, and the untold truth of how things work.

I am a man whose been on this earth for less than three decades. Following in the footsteps of a man with great knowledge and perspective. Learning from my experience with life, the intelligence side of the military, and as a student at Texas A&M. Studying a BS in Leadership with a minor in History and Military studies. Why they are important? Leadership studies people, studying the volume of why people do what they do, and helps us understand how to influence them. History and Military studies because they are almost one and the same. Great Economic periods in our History follow from significant military historic events. Learning how they correlate to our markets helps me understand everything as an Analyzer. Learning every day and continuing to learn with the goal of finishing a Master’s, writing a book (stay tuned), and working towards a possible Ph.D.

Developing the mind, becoming a top trader on the market, and understanding the media bias. These are things I want for myself in the future, and for you, are our readers.

Each day we will filter the daily firehose of information through our six guiding maxims from our upcoming book.

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Robert Q Watson – Co-Founder & Applied Historian

“Study history if you would divine the future.” -Confucius

Insight. Perspective. Wisdom.

True wisdom is timeless. Having awoken from a decade-long pseudo cryogenic freeze, I am confronted by interesting cultural shifts. A firehose of media and information pummels us each and every day through a handheld portal to a different time and space. Truth is now data-driven and contextual, not absolute. Candidly, the benefits of on-demand data, knowledge, and information are endless and amazing. As a society, we can grow, evolve and balance our world exponentially fast. That being said, the price tag for our new on-demand abundance is ransomed with our fleeting attention span. A Faustian bargain in the making.

As a writer, I find myself in fierce competition for an audience. I love to compete. However, I fear chasing my audience with salacious narratives and grand promises is a fool’s errand. Therefore, I will offer opinions, insights, and predictions without the usual pontification of an expert, being readily accountable for my words, all while trying not to bore anyone. And see who listens.

“You can rob me. You can starve me. You can beat me. You can kill me………..just don’t bore me.” Clint Eastwood, from the movie, Heartbreak Ridge

During my first six decades on this big blue marble, I have lived at great heights often on the razor’s edge. Consequently, I have enjoyed incredible successes and mind-numbing failures. Truthfully, I have had a hell of a view. Through a strange twist of fate, this blog and its intellectual property will be the fusion of the talents of my son, Robert, and me. We are two generations of US military intelligence professionals spread 30 years apart. Yes, we have both toiled for big brother. Our perspectives have been shaped and textured by our lives and service to our country.

At Beyond the Hype, we are dedicated to a metric-driven lens on the world. Even though many of our topics are tedious and the conclusions subtle, our research and advice will be timely and precise. So that you can call the balls and strikes. Not us. When we are right, we want applause. And, when we are wrong, we want to be roundly booed. Not too loud. Please. Lastly, as I am a big fan of a little mystery, I will disclose the particulars of my CV over time. Slowly, like sipping your hot morning coffee. Savoring a fine wine. Or kissing an extraordinarily beautiful woman for the first time. Some things can’t be rushed. Follow me on Instagram @robertqwatson

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