Bitcoin Fever: Revisited

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and their derivatives are both a cultural and financial phenomenon. The cryptos may be changing the face of money for all time. Or not. History alone will be the cryptos final judge and jury. In the meantime, in the real world of supply and demand at a price, Bitcoin has reached a reflectionContinue reading “Bitcoin Fever: Revisited”

What’s Next

The Metaverse hype was already getting tired, but the Facebook name change to Meta really stretched it thin. Every project on Opensea now promises some type of metaverse experience in their “roadmap”. Why? And what is the metaverse exactly? Well, the answer to that question is still unfolding and there will certainly be many instancesContinue reading “What’s Next”

Bitcoin Fever.

For the record, I am huge fan of the future of web 3.0 and decentralized finance (DeFi). I won’t claim to be an expert, I am not. Being a fan means I appreciate something or someone for added value to my life. I am not fanatical nor blind to the shortcomings of the next new,Continue reading “Bitcoin Fever.”

Flash Crash.

Last week Bitcoin, the heavy touted and highly scrutinized crypto bellwether experienced a flash crash on the order of 17%. Or $100 billion in lost value to investors in less than an hour. From $52,900 to $42,900 in the blink of an eye (see the chart below). A devastating drop with no follow through selling.Continue reading “Flash Crash.”