The Empire Strikes Back

For us mere mortals or commoners, the pomp and pageantry of royalty fire up our imagination. Kings and queens, who God anointed and appointed for eons to rule over us are bright and shiny aspirational figures in the gray of our everyday. Their dynasties appear to us as a better version of the human condition.Continue reading “The Empire Strikes Back”

New Messaging.

Anytime the Director of Central Intelligence goes on the record with the press, I listen. Writing for the Financial Times of London, Katina Manson and Demetri Sevastopulo report in their piece “CIA Sharpens China Focus with Mission Hub” that the Biden administration is growing our efforts to counter at an “increasingly adversarial” government”. Increasingly adversarial??Continue reading “New Messaging.”


We are all experimenting with reality. Trying to gauge the next curve in life’s seemingly vicious vicissitudes. But reality can be stubborn. Intransigent to our whims, preferences or delights. Take the debate over inflation. The issue of inflation is such a weighty matter as to merit serious debate.  Is inflation back? Or not? Whose faultContinue reading “Inflation.”

From Russia with Love

Always on the lookout for the odd piece of intelligence, I spied a Financial Times report detailing a Bank of Russia warning about the state of the global economy. Instead of tailgating on Saturday, I found myself on the Russian central bank’s website. The site is easy to navigate and fortunately, with my Russian skillsContinue reading “From Russia with Love”